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With Tekla Software, contractors have a solution designed for concrete construction. With easy to use tools that create models mimicking real concrete, contractors can create an accurate 3D model that delivers benefits at every stage of the construction process. Plus, you can ensure that everything fits before you build it, further reducing site errors. Tekla Software allows for complete information collaboration between architects, engineers, and contractors, allowing each to share and coordinate project information. With an open approach to BIM, you can use other solutions while still interfacing with Tekla Software. This open approach supports better layout coordination and structural information, and users will enjoy better productivity and less frustration.

Tekla Software’s design also enables it to link to project management applications, including Trimble Prolog. This design feature allows users to visualize and understand the scope and context of schedule line items, payment requests, material ordering, and objects created by other parties. Also, users are provided the opportunity to create dashboard views of project status by mapping critical components of project management information.

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For a concrete contractor, an accurate 3D Tekla model delivers benefit at every stage of the construction process. Quantity takeoff is fast and accurate, giving you better estimates. To save time and money, reducing site errors is important – with Tekla software, you can make sure everything fits before you build it. Tekla offers a purpose-built solution for concrete construction, which can be used at any stage of the design and construction process. Use easy to use tools to create concrete models that behave like real concrete.

With Tekla, you can generate accurate quantities faster. Because all information is created in 3D, it is easier to adapt to changes in design during the bidding phase. Because quantity takeoffs are performed in the same solution with planning, all of your estimates are rooted in solid planning information. You can model and visualize large amounts of fully detailed rebar quickly and easily. You can produce placing drawings, schedules and foresee and avoid difficulties in installation of rebars.

Accurate models are unmatched planning tools. Once you have a detailed model of your job, the real benefit is production planning with Tekla. Visualizing and sequencing pours and pour breaks becomes easy with your model: you know for certain how much, when and where you are going to use concrete, formworks and rebar.

Tekla Structures contains tools for planning your pour sizes after the concrete geometry is designed. Pour breaks are used for breaking your accurate monolithic model geometry into smaller volumes to optimize your process. Therefore, you can get accurate concrete quantity of the pour, which make reorting quantities easy and reliable. With Tekla’s pour tools you have freedom to plan and model pours as they are built.

Pour planning is important task to be sure that the process will be as efficient as possible. Information rich 3D model is great help for planning pour schedule, sequence, and pour method. Information model is great tool for iterating between different options.

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Tekla model continues to show benefits when it is time to pour the concrete. The software lets you manage the pours on site, and the formwork team can view their schedules and see layout in 3D. For example, you can start layout in the model, send the points out to your total station for accurate, easy layout without tape measure. If you pull quantities and drawings directly from the Tekla model in order to reduce the risk of ordering too much concrete or placing the wrong bars. Also, the formwork team can view their schedules and see layout plans in 3D.

Tekla offers powerful package of layout tools. Layout Point Applicator extension permits automation on Layout point creation. Layout points can be created to selected or filtered objects. Layout Manager is the tool for managing and integrating the accurate Layout point data with your field equipment. Integrate the office and the field throughout wireless data transfer and get updates in real time. The office can create design points and send them to the field. The site personnel can survey as build points and report them back to the office where design and as build points can be visually checked in 3D environment.

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