While today’s construction process is complex and intricate, deciding which project management software to fit your business should be easy. For many years, you were forced to choose between complex models based on per user licensing, or a one-size-fits-all cloud based solution. Now you can have the best of both worlds. BuildingPoint is proud to introduce an entirely new way of thinking and choosing the project controls solutions that fits your business.

Thanks to this new approach you now have total control over your project management licensing . With options such as a per user, per project, or per company models, the power to fully implement your next Project Controls solution is in your hands. This custom tailored solution gives total access to Trimble Prolog, the industry’s most recognized and comprehensive project management solution.

How It Works

Keep your costs minimized while building the project management solution you always wanted by embracing a number of different licensing models. BuildingPoint will work with you to create an implementation path that suits your needs and plans for both today, and into the future. You can now choose your Trimble Prolog licensing from any of these three models:

Per User

With the traditional per user model, simply purchase or subscribe to an individual license which you can then assign. This can be any combination of roles and responsibilities within your organization, allowing you to mix and match your office, field, and admin licenses to best serve your company’s needs. As your company grows, it’s easy to adapt and scale with additional licenses that can be seamlessly added to your Prolog instance.

Per Project

A project based subscription allows you to implement Prolog on a per project basis. Pricing for this model is based on the contract dollar value of the project and it provides the ability to pay a single fixed annual cost for the life of the project. With this model, implementation costs are easily quantified and understood, and when the project is completed, no further charges are incurred.

Per Company

For those looking to implement Prolog within an entire organization, the per company subscription model allows for a company wide single fixed annual subscription. This model is based on your company’s annul revenue, and it provides the greatest flexibility for contractors looking to standardize and implement their projects over the entire company.

Unlimited Users

Both the per project and per company subscriptions provide unlimited access to Trimble Prolog. This allows your entire organization to unlock the powerful collaboration tools of Prolog. Then, to extend the powerful visibility and transparency that Prolog has been providing for 20 years, simply add as many users or collaborators as needed. With both of these subscription models, you can integrate your project management solution deeply into your workflow, at no additional per user cost.

Fixed, Anticipated Costs

The best way to budget and forecast a project management solution is via a fixed cost. These new models remove the uncertainty and open budget items normally associated with traditional licensing models. With Trimble Prolog, you can implement a comprehensive project controls solution with the confidence and security of a fixed cost model.

Services And Training included

In addition to all the benefits of a fixed cost subscription model, BuildingPoint now offers flat rate training and implementation models. With these new flat rate services, you can now have all the same benefits and advantages of traditional services, all with a single fixed annual service subscription. With this single yearly investment, you can leverage BuildingPoint’s team of Prolog Certified Specialists to install, configure, train, and maintain your project management solution at a single, easy to understand fixed investment. With flat rate services, you finally have a partner that will be with you every step of the way.

Software That Works For You

Trimble Prolog is recognized as the industry standard project management solution due to its unparalleled configuration and customization capabilities. It is the choice for contractors who want a solution that fits their needs and their current business. This world class flexibility and custom tailored approach now extends to licensing as well. With these new options, you can now quickly and easily tailor Trimble Prolog to fit your specific requirements. To learn more or to schedule a conversation in your office, all us at 443-590-0130 today, or use the button below to send us an email.

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