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BuildingPoint provides a number of customized technology services for contractors and construction stakeholders of all shapes, sizes and scope. From on-site laser scanning to in-depth software curriculum and training, we provide a vast array of Trimble services. Utilizing a modular and customizable approach, we can custom-tailor services to reflect the needs and deliverables of your specific project or scope.

To learn more about the various Trimble services we offer check out the blocks below. If you’d like to receive a customized quote or discuss a specific project or scope, simply contact BuildingPoint today by clicking here, or contacting your local BuildingPoint Team Member.


BuildingPoint NorthEast is proud to offer our customers more than 80 years of combined service experience in the survey, GPS, and construction instrument industries. Our service team provides the best quality and customer experience in the industry. We understand that your time is extremely valuable and to that end, we have many service options available that provide you flexibility in all situations.

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