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Robotic Total Station by Trimble

Engineered and manufactured by the organization that introduced the first robotic total station back in 1990, the Trimble RTS series of Robotic Total Stations was designed specifically to meet the needs of building contractors. Because of this the RTS Series significantly increases accuracy, reliability and productivity based on the unique applications and workflows of construction.

Combined with Trimble Field Link, the Trimble RTS offers much more than one-person layout and as-built measurements. Trimble Field Link allows contractors to visualize 3D models in the field, generate field reports and even perform a complete in-field measurement and analysis of floor flatness.

For the ultimate in RTS technology, the RTS700 and RTS800 series include Trimble VISION, an integrated camera in the robotic total station that provides a “through the telescope view” remotely with Trimble Field Link on a tablet. Users have the ability to view and document the actual jobsite condition from the perspective of the total station when performing layout, collecting data or generating field reports.

For contractors that might not have the need to document field conditions with report or verify floor flatness, Trimble offers the RTS655 Robotic Total Station that can be paired with Trimble Field Link or with the original construction specific layout software – Trimble LM80 Layout Manager.

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• Establish project control
• Checking or tying in to property boundaries
• Layout of excavation lines
• Layout of concrete forms and anchor bolts
• Layout of interior framing
• As-built checks
• Layout of hangers, sleeves and underground pipe
• Light topographical measurements

Key Features And Benefits

• One-person operation
• Easy-to-follow user interface
• Data storage and built-in checks for all layout functions
• Rugged design
• Maximum flexibility and cost
• Reduced labor costs
• Shortens learning curve and faster operation
• Withstands tough jobsite conditions