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Trimble EdgeWise helps you extract the intelligent information you need from your 3D laser scan. EdgeWise’s unique algorithms enable you to quickly extract and model duct, conduit, walls, structural beams and columns or other elements while attaching key attributes to be exported to your modeling platform of choice.

EdgeWise quality assurance tools allow you to check the accuracy of every extracted element to ensure your model is true to the point cloud. Any poorly fitted object can be easily and quickly resized and adjusted to the points give you precise control and accuracy of your model. The advanced modeling methodology in the software allows you to efficiently extract and position a member even with heavy fireproofing. Occlusions, transitions, elbows or other difficult elements can slow down your workflow and add hours to your modeling project. With EdgeWise you can rely on the unique algorithms to accurately connect occluded regions of pipe, join elbows and model transitions to move your workflow along.

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3D scan data provides an invaluable wealth of information, however it can be time consuming to take that information from point cloud to model. Trimble EdgeWise software, a smart modeling and analysis tool, considerably reduces the time required to accurately transform point cloud data into actionable models of the worksite.

Designed to work with Trimble’s 3D scanners and Trimble Realworks, Trimble Edgewise provides efficient end-to-end workflows in producing BIM-ready models. Using scanned point cloud data, Edgewise detects the structural elements of the model. When detecting items such as pipes, conduit, and beams, Edgewise then precisely models them using the dimensions and geometries included in a vast library of common elements.

Video courtesy of BuildingPoint Florida.

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