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DPI-8 Handheld Scanner

As laser scanning  continues to grow within the construction market, the ability to quickly capture and measure specific features and areas, regardless of complexity, becomes an ever more important function. With powerful 3D deliverables, and comprehensive data sets, scanning technology is becoming a commonplace on jobsites around the world. The DPI-8 handheld scanner lowers the barrier to 3D scanning, while providing a starting solution to the construction industry’s most proven and consistent solution.

With a lightweight and compact design consisting of a power sensor package attached to a standard Android tablet, the tool offers a  quick and easy scanning solution that is perfectly suited for quick measurements and scanning infill. With this portable hand-held scanner, users can easily scan and measure, or seamlessly integrate their existing Trimble scanning workflow. More than just a mesh approximation, the handheld-held scanner creates an actual point cloud data file that can easily be integrated into Trimble RealWorks, or any other point cloud software packages.

From reporting on existing conditions, to as-built verification and QA-QC, to model in-fill, the DPI-8 provides a unique hand-held scanning solution that can easily enhance project visibility and progress measurement.

Key Features

Easy Entry to Scanning: A low cost, portable, quick, and easy to use scanning solution.

Append Data: No need to collect all data in one shot. Users can move between tasks and pick up where they left off.

Simple and Intuitive Workflow: Reduce the learning curve for new users. With an easy to learn interface, just about anyone on the jobsite can pick up the DPI-8 and make sure that things are where they should be, and also recognize any issues that could cause future workflow problems.

One Hand Operation: Whether it’s capturing difficult to reach areas or just keeping one hand free for stability, the DPI-8 has a form factor made for contractors.

Compatible Data Formats: Combine with traditional laser scan data to augment static scans and reduce the need for traditional tripod mounted laser scanners.

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