Construction Layout Equipment

BuildingPoint NorthEast’s portfolio of hardware, software and service offerings streamlines communication and collaboration throughout the Design-Build-Operate (DBO) lifecycle. Our construction layout equipment solutions are designed to help Architects, Engineers, Construction Managers, General Contractors, Sub Contractors, and Building Owners/Operators no matter the job size. With us, it’s not just about selling a product but creating a solution to help you achieve greater efficiency and insight into projects. Check out our Field Solutions Brochure here.

Field Layout Solutions – Taking the Design to the Job Site

The construction layout equipment solutions offered by BuildingPoint NorthEast links design to reality, providing users with access to the latest tools for increasing productivity and accuracy during the construction layout process and enhancing field operations for Building Information Modeling (BIM) workflow.

Our construction layout equipment for MD, PA, NY, NJ, DE, CT, VT, NH, ME and MA companies will significantly reduce the amount of time it takes to execute the entire layout process. You’ll be able to take 2D and 3D points from your model into the field with you to perform precise layout.

Wide Range of Construction Layout Equipment

As an authorized Trimble dealer, we offer an assortment of construction layout instruments that are ideally suited for GCs, turnkey concrete contractors, drywall contractors, MEP Contractors, project engineers, project management professionals, and superintendents. Examples include:

  • Trimble RTS773: The RTS773 is a comprehensive, robotic total station that improves fieldwork accuracy by simplifying the process of measuring distances and finding positions. Use it for layout applications involving floors, walls and ceilings, steel, concrete, mechanical and plumbing work and much more. With Trimble Vision and Direct Reflex modes, the RTS773 is especially great for QA/QC on a project.
  • Trimble Field Link: Trimble Field Link is an excellent choice for contractors who are implementing VDC and BIM. It works with a variety of Trimble RTS robotic total stations specifically designed to meet construction-positioning requirements. An integrated 3D model viewer allows field personnel to more easily visualize the intent of the design, enabling them to increase their decision-making accuracy. Trimble Field Link Office is also available for your computer to assist you with data preparation for the field.
  • Trimble Kenai Rugged Tablet: This cutting-edge ruggedized Windows 10 data collector streamlines and simplifies the flow of your layout work. The Kenai has a 10.1″ full-color, sunlight readable Gorilla® Glass multi-touch capacitive touchscreen display. It is equipped with a fully integrated camera and an array of built-in communication technologies, eliminating the need to purchase a slew of costly accessories. One versatile Kenai controller is capable of operating multiple devices. The Kenai tablet is ideal for mobile workers who need to utilize large forms and color-coded information such as technical specifications and is rugged enough to last for years of use even in harsh conditions.

Take a Closer Look at Our Complete Construction Layout Equipment Inventory

Learn more about our entire selection of robotic total stations and other construction layout equipment by reviewing the individual product descriptions below, and feel free to contact us for additional product and pricing information. BuildingPoint NorthEast also provides construction layout equipment rental and construction layout equipment repairs in D, PA, NY, NJ, DE, CT, VT, NH, ME and MA.

See how much you can save with the right equipment: Construction Layout ROI Calculator


From floors and ceilings, to MEP and formwork, the RPT600 enables your team to deliver accurate field work and eliminate rework. It automates measuring distances and angles faster and more accurately than a toe measure. Whether your projects are large or small, the RPT600 gives you the best tool for the job.

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