You can’t excel with Excel in construction estimating

Are you still using Excel for your construction estimating? While Excel offers some powerful tools, it may be worth your while to explore other options, like Trimble WinEst.WinEst provides A/E/C estimators with error reduction, boosts in productivity, and revenue growth. Contact us today for a free demo, or start your FREE 14-Day trial.

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No Project Is Straight

Sopot, PolandMontreal, CanadaReykjavik, IcelandBilbao, SpainBeijing, ChinaOdeillo, FranceDarmstadt, GermanyColorado, U.S.A.Prague, Czech Republic Deliver accurate field work while eliminating re-work No one knows your project, your layout needs, or oversees quality control better than your team.Unlike old-school tape measures, string line and plumbbobs, modern tools such as total stations and 3D scanners enable you to measure angles, [...]

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NYC DOB Local Law 196 of 2017 Construction Safety Training Presentation

How prepared are you for the NYC DOB inspection teams? Local Law 196 will be enforced by unannounced site visits by NYC Department of Building Inspectors, check out their official training presentation for more info: NYC DOB Local Law Construction Safety Training Information Session CrewSight Inspections are a breeze with CrewSight by Trimble. The easy [...]

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Trimble Product Updates for Field Link and Vico Office

Trimble Field Link version 4.6The upcoming release of Trimble Field Link version 4.6 includes:New Features:Measure Rounds (Site Control Module, Required)Vertical Surface Collection & Analysis  (Surface Module, Required)Corner Bullseye Option in LayoutQuick Vertical Verification ToolImprovements:Line and Arcs information displayed via use of info buttonDisplay Preview of point information when laying outCreate Points From Line - "Model [...]

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Trimble ProjectSight Upgrades

Use the new DRAWING COMPARISON tool to compare the line work of multiple drawing revisions.Quickly edit multiple items with the BATCH EDIT panel, available on most forms through the document control and field management areas. Form, Tab, and Field Nomenclature can now be modified by portfolio & project administrators. Simply navigate to the record settings [...]

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New York City Site Safety Training (SST) law

NYC Local Law 196 New York City Site Safety Training (SST) law,  is specifically targeted at workers who perform construction and demolition activities within all NYC borough jurisdictions.The New York City Building Code now requires that each permit holder at a building site for which a construction superintendent, site safety manager or site safety coordinator [...]

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ProjectSight April 2018 Update

Check out the new features added to Trimble ProjectSight on 4/15/18: Drawing Comparison: Drawings can now be compared using the Drawing Comparison tool available in the drawing viewer. You may use this tool to compare the line work of two drawing revisions, directly overlayed on top of each other. Batch Edit: Need to quickly edit [...]

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Tekla 2018: Something for Everyone

Three new versions for structural engineering, fabrication & construction teams These solutions provide increased control and improved documentation through constructible Building Information Modeling (BIM) workflows for stakeholders in structural steel and concrete, including designers, detailers and fabricators, concrete contractors, general contractors and structural engineers. Tekla Structures 2018 brings faster 3D modeling processes, more precise detailing, better control [...]

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