These ARE the droids (robots) you’re looking for…

Getting Bang for your BIM with a #Trimble Robotic Total Station Made for Construction The majority of contractors have entered BIM with multidisciplinary coordination. Design information from architects or engineers in a 2D or 3D format is combined with fabrication models or drawings from subcontractors to create a “federated model.” This combined model is [...]

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RTS with LM80 Benefits

RTS + LM80 - See What They Can do for Construction Layout When combined with the Trimble LM80 Layout Manager, the Trimble RTS Series Robotic Total Stations significantly increase accuracy, reliability, and productivity for construction layout jobs. Features and benefits: Set up anywhere faster and perform all jobsite layout and measurement tasks yourself One-person [...]

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Tekla Structures for Tilt-Up

    This webinar introduces tools and techniques to use Tekla Structures for efficient and profitable Tilt-Wall projects. Use Tekla's constructible concrete models to avoid incomplete and uncoordinated drawings, find and fix potential clashes, automate material quantification and information management tasks, visualize information in 3D and enjoy consistent, reliable, construction- quality building information in real-time in order [...]

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Estimating Assemblies

Some Assemblies Required One of the most common questions we receive when discussing Trimble cost estimating solutions is “Do I have to use assemblies?” Not wanting to disappoint, we often answer with the most unhelpful of software answers, “It depends.” But in reality, there is some basic best practices that have been proven over [...]

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Workforce Management Webinar

In this webinar, Trimble takes a deep-dive into workforce mangement via Trimble Crewsight. Crewsight is a workforce management solution to help you to better manage your workforce and contribute to a more successful and profitable project outcome. In addition to showing you how to gain better transparency to workers on your project, you'll see [...]

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How Much Accuracy is Enough?

Every job is different. And a variety of different inputs and constraints dictate the tolerances for a particular scope within a particular project. The possibilities are endless. But often times, users get caught up looking at the accuracy of a particular instrument, total station, or scanning solution and see that as a gating item [...]

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Scanning as a Snapshot

In numerous previous posts, BuildingPoint has discussed the value of laser scanning to deliver a truly accurate “snapshot” of a project. Typically, this capability is discussed within the scope of an entire project or proposed project. But it’s also important to remember that these powerful capabilities can be delivered within a smaller scope. Problem [...]

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Trimble Takes Off

A collaboration between two geospatial technology companies will allow construction and engineering professionals to collect survey-grade data for accurate estimations and machine guidance using remotely piloted aircraft systems (RPAS, or drones). Position technology powerhouse Trimble has partnered with Sydney-based startup Propeller Aero, the company behind Propeller RPAS data processing software and its smart AeroPoints. Propeller’s combined solution takes [...]

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How to use BIM to its full potential

Most structural steel companies aren’t using BIM to its full potential. Are you one of them? 3D models were first used to make drawing production easier, but these days, information rich models are the key to better productivity throughout intelligent steel fabrication. However, many of the benefits of building information modelling remain untapped Using [...]

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