Foundations Episode #9 – Can You Have Too Much Detail In Your Model?

Being in control is a hallmark of a successful design or construction firm. The idea that more data is better permeates the entire construction process. And to be sure, robust data leads to better decisions. But what about model detail? In this episode the Foundations studio team discusses this important question, and looks at some particular points in the construction process where less can actually be more. Whether it’s balancing tight delivery schedules against model detail, or simplifying models for in-field clarity, in some cases,  more isn’t always more.

By |February 10th, 2017|

Database-Driven Estimates — Explained

In this conversation, BuildingPoint sits down with Steve Watt, Market Manager for Trimble’s Cost Estimating Solutions to discuss the concept surrounding database-driven cost estimating. Fusing the familiar and easy learning curve of a spreadsheet, and the power of a fully featured database, Trimble WinEst is the ideal solution for contractors looking to increase their accuracy, proficiency, and consistency when it comes to producing detailed cost estimates.

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By |February 9th, 2017|

Trimble ProjectSight Gains Assignment Badges

Trimble has released a number of enhancements for ProjectSight, the industry’s most intuitive project management platform. In this latest release, in addition to a number of under-the-hood performance improvements, ProjectSight now boasts of Assignment Badges. These simple notification icons allow you to quickly and easily determine your upcoming tasks for any open assignments you might have.

To check out these latest ProjectSight enhancements, you can simply click here.

By |February 7th, 2017|

Understanding Cost Changes Through BIM

Model-based estimating can allow contractors to have unparalleled visibility into cost changes and alternative estimate options. In this Construction Executive article, Trimble’s own Duane Gleason unpacks the concepts surrounding this powerful capability.

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By |February 6th, 2017|

Leverage Your Historical Cost Planning Data

Trimble Modelogix is the perfect solution for all your historical cost modeling needs. In this in-depth Solution Close-Up, our very own Rob Miller sits down with Steve Watt or Trimble to give you a complete overview of Modelogix. Designed as a comprehensive first look at the new application, this video will help you understand some of the powerful features and capabilities that you can leverage on your next project.

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By |February 3rd, 2017|