Prolog Converge 9.95 MR11 is now available.

Trimble is pleased to announce the release of Prolog 9.95 MR11. In this release, we have addressed the following issues:

  • When using Web Services, users can now successfully create a General Invoice or Contract Invoice to upload new quantities from scripts. (CN# 01690851)
  • When using Web Services, users can now successfully create Contacts or update Company data when using the Document Service. (CN# 01690881)
  • When generating a report with images that could not be displayed properly, the image will appear in the report as a generic system image. This will help you identify the image file that needs to be addressed. (CN# 01692746)
  • An issue with attaching files via the Files tab has been fixed and duplicate files no longer occur. (CN# 01516061)

Due to the changes in this release, a full installer is required to ensure that all the components are properly installed. For more information, see the “Prolog Converge Installation Guide” available on Trimble’s Prolog SupportLink. 

For customers and partners who have built integrations or utilities that leverage the Prolog Web Services, we recommend validation and testing in a test environment before deploying this MR to any production system.

For more details regarding issues resolved and/or added enhancements associated with this release, please review the product Readme.

This documentation, as well as the product downloads, can be found on Trimble’s Prolog SupportLink.

To access SupportLink, please follow these steps:

  1. Navigate to Trimble Prolog SupportLink.
  2. Enter your Prolog serial number.
  3. Click on the ‘Login to SupportLink’ button.
  4. Click on the ‘Prolog’ link.
    The Prolog product information is listed under the Announcements section.

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