Exciting New Features Recently Added to Trimble Connect

Trimble Connect on the Web

  • Team Page – Improved user experience for group management and
  • Release Page workflow and layout improvements including filters.
    Release files now need to be copied manually by recipients into the
    data tab using the “Add Files to Folder” option as needed. Click on
    release name to see details of files in a release.
  • Expanded units settings for project

Trimble Connect Mobile v2.2

  • Color and transparency can be applied to selected object(s) from list
    of colors provided. Users can also reset to default color
  • Markups: Add line, arrow, cloud, text markups on the model to
    collaborate using Views, ToDo’s with other project stakeholders
  • UX Improvements on navigation and menus on home screen and
    project data
  • Performance improvements: Faster loading of projects, Data, ToDo
    and views list. Loading is done in background in paging manner
    without blocking UI

For a complete list of changes, view the release notes here.