Trimble WinEst – A Cost Estimation Tool That Scales

There’s no shortage of tools available to construction estimators. From traditional spreadsheets to completely customized solutions, the choices available are as broad as they are varied in features and capabilities. With WinEst, Trimble has created a cost-planning tool that starts with a single focus – you.

The bedrock specification of any tool should be “Can I finish my job more quickly, efficiently, and accurately?” By focusing on this important question, WinEst was built around the workflow that estimators always use every day. Leveraging a familiar spreadsheet interface, Trimble WinEst then added a comprehensive and accessible database to significantly reduce input time and streamline the proposal creation process. This design has resulted in the ability to answer “Yes” to the question above.

But comprehensively powerful tools don’t just answer one question. Trimble also set out to make WinEst amazingly scalable. Whether you’re a stand-alone owner/estimator, or part of a large enterprise team spanning multiple states or regions, Trimble WinEst has the ability not only to address your needs today, but also into the future. With collaboration tools, shared cost databases, and a centralized Microsoft SQL database structure, your cost planning solution finally has the same appetite for growth as you do.

To learn more about Trimble WinEst, click here, or contact your local BuildingPoint representative.